Canon 80D [EOS]

The Canon 80D: A Robust Choice for Enthusiasts and Aspiring Professionals [Still Relevant!]

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The Canon 80D, released in February 2016, continues to be a robust choice for photographers looking for a versatile and reliable camera in the Canon EOS DSLR Series. Even years after its release, the Canon 80D remains a strong performer in various photography scenarios—from travel to vlogging, to portraits, and even wildlife photography.

Quick Facts Table – Canon 80D

Sensor SizeAPS-C
Megapixels24.2 MP
ISO Range100-16000 (expandable to 25,600)
Battery LifeUp to 960 shots (CIPA standard)
Lens MountCanon EF/EF-S
Card Slot(s)Single SD Card Slot
Focus System45-point all cross-type AF
InterfaceVari-Angle Touchscreen with quick touch access to ‘Q’ Menu

Comparing the Canon 80D to the Canon 70D

When it comes to choosing between the Canon 80D and its predecessor, the Canon 70D, there are several key differences to consider. Both cameras offer robust features, but the 80D brings some notable improvements that could make it the better choice for certain photographers.

Canon 80D vs Canon 70D: Key Differences Table

FeatureCanon 80DCanon 70D
Release DateFebruary 2016July 2013
Sensor SizeAPS-CAPS-C
Megapixels24.2 MP20.2 MP
ISO Range100-16000 (expandable to 25,600)100-12800 (expandable to 25,600)
Battery LifeUp to 960 shotsUp to 920 shots
Focus Points45-point all cross-type AFDual Pixel CMOS AF
Built-in Wi-Fi and NFCYesWi-Fi only
Vari-Angle TouchscreenYesYes
Weather SealingSome levelNo

As you can see, the Canon 80D offers a slight edge in several areas, including megapixels, ISO range, and battery life. It also adds NFC and some level of weather sealing, which the 70D lacks. These improvements could make the 80D a more appealing option for those looking to upgrade or for those who need these specific features.

Canon 80D [EOS]
Canon EOS 80D

In-Depth Specifications

  • Sensor Size – APS-C: The APS-C sensor offers excellent image quality.
  • Megapixels – 24.2 MP: High resolution for detailed shots and cropping.
  • ISO Range – 100-16000 (expandable to 25,600): Versatile for various lighting conditions.
  • Battery Life – Up to 960 shots: Enough for a full day of shooting.
  • Lens Mount – Canon EF/EF-S: Compatible with a wide range of Canon lenses.
  • Single SD Card Slot: Adequate but lacks the redundancy of dual slots.
  • Focus System – 45-point all cross-type AF: This focus system allows for quick and accurate autofocus, ideal for capturing fast-moving subjects.

Others Peoples Thoughts on the Canon 80D

My Thoughts on the Canon 80D

The first thing I noticed when I got an upgrade from the 70D to the 80D was that I was a little underwhealmed with the progress between the two cameras. Don’t get me wrong, both are great cameras, I just feel like there wasn’t a huge benefit to the upgrade. Regardless, I did find that the autofocus was just that little bit faster, and the extra Megapixels were nice, but again – though not all that noticible.

Ease of Use

Intuitive Menu System

As with it’s predecessor [The Canon 70D], the Canon 80D features a user-friendly menu system, organized into tabs for easy navigation.

Customizable Quick Menu

The Quick Menu can be customized to include frequently used settings, streamlining your workflow.

Canon EOS 80D - The Quick Menu is a great tool
Canon 80D [EOS] – The Quick Menu is a great tool


Ergonomic Design

The Canon 80D is designed for comfort, featuring a deep grip, textured surface, and strategically placed controls.

Canon EOS 80D - Ergonomic Design
Canon 80D [EOS] – Ergonomic Design

Optional Battery Grip

The optional battery grip provides extended battery life and a more substantial grip, although it adds to the weight.

Weight Distribution

The Canon 80D weighs approximately 730 grams (1.61 pounds) for the body alone. Its ergonomic design ensures even weight distribution, making it comfortable for extended use.

Image Quality

The image quality is excellent, especially when paired with quality lenses.

Additional Features

The Canon 80D includes built-in Wi-Fi and NFC for easy sharing and remote control, as well as a vari-angle touchscreen for more shooting flexibility.

Canon 80D [EOS] - Vari-Angle Touch Screen
Canon 80D [EOS] – Vari-Angle Touch Screen

Price-Performance Ratio

The Canon 80D offers excellent value, especially if you can find a second-hand model at a good price.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent image quality
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and NFC
  • Vari-angle touchscreen


  • Single card slot
  • Not ideal for low-light conditions


Even today, the Canon 80D is a versatile camera suitable for enthusiasts and aspiring professionals. It may not have all the latest features, but it delivers where it counts.


  • Is this camera good for video? Yes, it offers excellent video capabilities, including autofocus during video recording.
  • Is it weather-sealed? Yes, it offers some level of weather sealing.
  • What lenses are compatible? Canon EF and EF-S mount lenses.

Comparison Section

  • Canon 90D: A step up with improved features but at a higher price point.
  • Canon EOS M50: A mirrorless option that is lighter but with fewer lens options.

In conclusion, the Canon 80D is a reliable and versatile camera that offers a range of features suitable for various types of photography.

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