Canon 70D - EOS DSLR Series

The Canon 70D: A Versatile Performer for Enthusiasts and Semi-Pros [Even Today!]

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The Canon 70D, released in July 2013, was (and arguably still) is more than just a camera.

At the time of writing this, the Canon 70D is roughly 10 years old, and what’s crazy is that it is still a versatile tool that, just like when it was released performs beautifully in various photography scenarios—from travel to vlogging, to portraits, and even wildlife photography.

While it may not be the latest model, its performance and features even today make it a solid choice for those looking to take their photography to the next level.

Canon 70D - EOS DSLR Series

Quick Facts Table – Canon 70D

Sensor SizeAPS-C
Megapixels20.2 MP
ISO Range100-12800 (expandable to 25,600)
Battery LifeUp to 920 shots (CIPA standard)
Lens MountCanon EF/EF-S
Card Slot(s)Single SD Card Slot
Focus SystemDual Pixel CMOS AF
InterfaceVari-Angle Touchscreen with quick touch access to ‘Q’ Menu
Canon 70D - EOS DSLR Series - The Vari-angled Touch screen is useful!

In-Depth Specifications

  • Sensor Size – APS-C: The APS-C sensor offers a good balance between image quality and cost.
  • Megapixels – 20.2 MP: Provides enough resolution for detailed shots and moderate cropping.
  • ISO Range – 100-12800 (expandable to 25,600): Suitable for most lighting conditions.
  • Battery Life – Up to 920 shots: Nearly a full day of shooting without changing the battery.
  • Lens Mount – Canon EF/EF-S: Compatible with a wide range of Canon lenses.
  • Single SD Card Slot: Adequate for most shooting scenarios but lacks the redundancy of dual slots.
  • Focus System – Dual Pixel CMOS AF: This advanced autofocus system was one of the first of its kind for Canon, and allows for fast and accurate focus during both still photography and video recording. It provides smooth and consistent focus transitions, making it ideal for capturing moving subjects and video work. It still stands up to this day.

Others Peoples Thoughts on the Canon 70D

My Thoughts on the Canon 70D

Ease of Use

Intuitive Menu System

The Canon 70D features a user-friendly menu system. It’s organized into tabs, making it easy to find the settings you need.

Customizable Quick Menu

One of the standout features of the Canon 70D is its customizable Quick Menu, accessible with a simple press of the ‘Q’ button. This menu can be tailored to include the settings you use most frequently, streamlining your workflow and making it easier to change settings on the fly.

To customize the Quick Menu, navigate to the camera’s settings and select the option for customizing controls or the Quick Menu. From there, you can add or remove items, such as ISO, white balance, shooting mode, and more. Once you’ve selected your preferred settings, you can save them, and they’ll appear every time you access the Quick Menu. This eliminates the need to scroll through the main menu, saving you valuable time during a shoot.

The Quick Menu’s customization feature is particularly useful for photographers who often switch between different shooting scenarios. For example, if you frequently alternate between portrait and landscape photography, you can set up the Quick Menu to quickly toggle between the settings optimized for each.

Canon 70D - EOS DSLR Series - The Quick Access Menu makes adjusting settings on the fly a breeze

Well-Placed Controls

The physical controls are ergonomically designed, allowing for quick adjustments without taking your eye off the viewfinder.


Ergonomic Design

The Canon 70D is designed with user comfort in mind, making it ideal for extended shooting sessions. The deep grip and textured surface already contribute to a secure and comfortable hold. Additionally, the camera features strategically placed controls that are easily accessible, reducing the need to stretch your fingers awkwardly to reach essential buttons and dials.

The camera also includes a top LCD panel that allows for quick glances at your settings without needing to go into the main menu, saving you time and effort. This is particularly useful in fast-paced shooting environments where every second counts.

Canon 70D - EOS DSLR Series - The top LCD screen means you don't have to open the quick menu while you're shooting, just a glance at the LCD will do.

Moreover, the Canon 70D comes with a vari-angle touchscreen LCD. This not only adds flexibility in shooting angles but also minimizes the strain on your arms and neck when capturing shots at awkward angles, such as overhead or low to the ground.

The button layout is intuitive, with most controls available within reach of your right hand, allowing for one-handed operation in many cases. This design consideration makes it easier to adjust settings while maintaining your grip, further enhancing the ergonomic experience.

Canon 70D - EOS DSLR Series - The ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and handle.

Optional Battery Grip

The optional battery grip provides extended battery life and a more substantial grip, although it adds to the weight.

Weight Distribution

The Canon 70D weighs approximately 750 grams (1.65 pounds) for the body alone, making it a relatively lightweight option for its feature set. Its ergonomic design ensures that the weight is evenly distributed across the body, making it comfortable to hold for extended periods.

However, the balance can shift when you attach a heavy lens. For instance, pairing the camera with a substantial lens like the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L can make the setup more front-heavy, affecting the overall balance and potentially causing hand fatigue over time.

To counteract this, some photographers opt for a battery grip or a tripod to help distribute the weight more evenly. These accessories can make a significant difference, especially during long shooting sessions where the added weight of a heavy lens can become more noticeable.

Image Quality

As with most cameras of this level, the image quality is excellent, especially when paired with quality lenses. The color reproduction is accurate, and the dynamic range is more than adequate for most applications.

Additional Features

The Canon 70D includes built-in Wi-Fi for easy sharing and remote control, as well as a vari-angle touchscreen for more shooting flexibility.

Price-Performance Ratio

For those looking to step up from a beginner model, the Canon 70D offers a lot of bang for the buck. This is particularly true in that there is a good chance you could pick up a second hand copy of this camera body at a great price on FB marketplace or ebay.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent image quality
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Vari-angle touchscreen


  • Single card slot
  • Not ideal for low-light conditions


Canon 70D - EOS DSLR Series

Even today, the Canon 70D is a versatile camera suitable for enthusiasts and semi-professionals. It may not have all the latest features, but it delivers where it counts.


  • Is this camera good for video? Yes, it offers excellent video capabilities, including autofocus during video recording.
  • Is it weather-sealed? No, it lacks full weather sealing.
  • What lenses are compatible? Canon EF and EF-S mount lenses.

Comparison Section

  • Canon 80D: A step up with improved features but at a higher price point.
  • Canon EOS M50: A mirrorless option that is lighter but with fewer lens options.

In conclusion, the Canon 70D is a reliable and versatile camera that offers a range of features suitable for various types of photography.

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