Photography Advice
What is a Mirrorless Digital Camera Anyway? (and why they kick ass!)

OK... so what is a mirrorless digital camera I hear you ask? Taking the next step in photography usually means getting a nicer camera than the one that's ...

The Best Budget Lens for Wildlife Photography

To get the best shot in the wild, its critical to acquire the right equipment for the job as be savvy with your budget. Having a good quality camera is ...

What is a mirrorless digital camera?

OK, so you are correct in thinking that name itself gives you an idea what a mirrorless digital camera is. It’s a camera without the reflex mirror found in ...

What is the ISO on a Camera? – What you really need to know!

Most people today only use the "auto" mode of their camera. If your camera is any good, you can still achieve some pretty decent photographs in this mode. ...

What does boca mean in photography (AKA Bokeh)?

If you've just asked the question "what does boca mean in photography?" I need to stop you right there for just a sec and become the spelling police... sorry ...

How to Pick A Wedding Photographer

Your wedding day is one of the most significant days of your life. In the years that follow, while you’ll personally look back with many memories, having a ...

How to Pose for Wedding Photos

If the plans for your wedding day are in full flow, then one of the matters you will have addressed is that of arranging your wedding photographer, and more ...

How to Take Portraits

Taking a portrait photograph could easily be described as an art within an art, given that the skill required to produce stunning portraits exceeds many other ...

How to Set Up A Photoshoot

The term 'photoshoot' can mean different things to different people; therefore before we go on to explain how to set one up, we should actually define what we ...

How to Take Self Portraits

When many people hear the term 'self-portrait' they immediately assume that you are talking about selfies and the millions of them that get posted on social ...

Why Is Photography Important?

The question of why photography is important is subjective in nature, so we'll leave for you to decide for yourself. Nevertheless, it is a perfectly reasonable ...

Film Vs Digital Photography

In today's digital world, you'd be forgiven for thinking that film cameras are no longer used at all, but you would be mistaken.Film photography is very much ...

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