Who Are We?

Our Mission

Welcome to DSLRAD.com, founded in 2017 by Brad, a passionate and experienced photographer dedicated to capturing life’s most cherished moments.

With a journey that began in 2006 armed with a 3.1-megapixel digital camera, Brad has honed his skills over the years, delighting clients with his unique and captivating style.

Brad’s love for photography is not just a profession, but an avenue to express his creativity and perspective. He finds joy in the ability to control the narrative of an image, focusing and redirecting the viewer’s attention to evoke emotion and thought. This is more than just clicking a camera; it’s about telling stories, capturing memories, and making people see the world through a different lens.

With a background in teaching and a Bachelor’s degree, Brad combines his passion for photography and his love for education to share his knowledge and experiences. He has been a part of countless families’ joyful moments since 2012, specializing in various photography genres such as weddings, portraiture, family shoots, product photography, and studio photography.

His work has graced several magazine pages, further cementing his reputation as a trusted photographer.

At DSLRAD.com, we believe in the power of pictures and the stories they tell. We are committed to helping you create and preserve your cherished memories with our unique and personal touch. From school photos that capture the innocence and joy of childhood, to wedding photos that immortalize the union of two hearts, we are all about encapsulating these unforgettable moments.

As attested by our clients, we consistently deliver beautiful and memorable photographs. Whether it’s Jemima applauding our fun and easy process, Tara expressing love for our work, Bobbie cherishing the precious keepsakes we create, or Sarah’s obsession with our photos, their satisfaction fuels our passion for excellence. (Read them for yourself!)

Aside from providing professional photography services, DSLRAD.com serves as a platform where Brad shares his knowledge and understanding of photography. Whether you’re interested in learning about the latest photography products or exploring tips and tricks to improve your skills, this site is your go-to resource.

Located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of QLD, Brad is always ready to travel extensively, capturing precious moments through his lens. Reach out to us at contact@dslrad.com.

Mission Statement:

At DSLRAD.com, our mission is to encapsulate life’s precious moments into timeless images while empowering photography enthusiasts by sharing our expertise and passion. We strive to make each photograph a treasure to be cherished, capturing not just images, but emotions, stories, and memories.

Join us on this journey, and let us show you the world through our lens.

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Our Core Values

Our values are what drives the content we share on the website, along with the work we deliver to our real clients.

  1. Excellence in Craftsmanship: We believe in delivering the highest quality in every photograph, capturing moments with precision, creativity, and a keen eye for detail.
  2. Passion and Learning: We are deeply passionate about photography and its power to tell stories. We continually strive to learn and grow, sharing our knowledge with others.
  3. Client Satisfaction: We prioritize the happiness and satisfaction of our clients, ensuring each photograph encapsulates their unique story and preserves their precious memories.
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