Can You Use EF Lenses on Canon R5: A Comprehensive Guide

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The Canon EOS R5 is a game-changing mirrorless camera that has garnered a lot of attention from both professional photographers and enthusiasts.

One of the advantages of the Canon R5 is its compatibility with Canon’s extensive range of EF lenses, which were originally designed for Canon’s DSLR cameras.

But can you use EF lenses on Canon R5? It’s a fair question. Thankfully there is a way…

This opens up a world of possibilities for photographers who may already own EF lenses or are considering investing in them. In this article, we will provide answer if you can you use ef lenses on canon R5 a comprehensive guide to using EF lenses on the Canon R5, exploring compatibility, benefits, and some key considerations.

Compatibility of EF Lenses with the Canon R5

The Canon R5 is part of Canon’s EOS R series, which utilizes the RF lens mount.

While the RF mount is designed for Canon’s mirrorless cameras, it is fully compatible with EF lenses when used with an adapter. Canon offers the EF-EOS R Mount Adapter, which allows you to attach EF lenses to the Canon R5, maintaining both autofocus and image stabilization functionality. Here is a picture of what it looks like on the camera:

Here’s how the compatibility works:

  • Autofocus Compatibility: When using EF lenses with the EF-EOS R Mount Adapter on the Canon R5, you retain full autofocus capabilities. This means you can take advantage of Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF, which provides fast and accurate focusing.
  • Image Stabilization: Many EF lenses have built-in image stabilization (IS), and this functionality is preserved when using the EF-EOS R Mount Adapter on the R5. Additionally, the R5 features in-body image stabilization (IBIS), so you can enjoy a combination of lens-based IS and IBIS for even greater stabilization.

Benefits of Using EF Lenses on the Canon R5

The Canon EOS R5 stands as a pinnacle of innovation in the world of mirrorless cameras, offering photographers a remarkable blend of cutting-edge technology and creative versatility.

One of its standout features is its seamless compatibility with Canon’s extensive range of EF lenses originally designed for DSLR cameras.

This compatibility unlocks a multitude of advantages for photographers, whether they are already in possession of EF lenses or contemplating an investment in this renowned lens system.

In this section, we will delve into the key benefits of using EF lenses on the Canon R5, as well as important considerations to keep in mind.


One of the foremost benefits of using EF lenses on the Canon R5 is the potential for significant cost savings.

If you have a collection of EF lenses from previous Canon DSLR models, you can seamlessly integrate them into your workflow with the R5. This eliminates the need to invest in an entirely new set of RF lenses, which can be a substantial financial commitment.

By leveraging your existing EF lenses, you can harness the impressive capabilities of the R5 without breaking the bank.

Lens Versatility

Canon’s EF lens lineup is nothing short of extensive and diverse, encompassing a wide spectrum of focal lengths, apertures, and specialized optics. Whether you require the expansive vistas of an ultra-wide-angle lens or the reach of a super-telephoto, the EF lens family has you covered.

By incorporating EF lenses into your Canon R5 kit, you gain access to this expansive selection, which significantly broadens your creative horizons.

The versatility offered by EF lenses means you can tackle a wide range of photographic genres and scenarios, from sweeping landscapes to intimate portraits.

Proven Optics

Another compelling advantage of using EF lenses on the Canon R5 is the proven optical quality that comes with Canon’s long-standing heritage in lens design and manufacturing.

EF lenses have earned the trust and admiration of photographers worldwide over the years, known for their exceptional image quality, sharpness, and color rendition.

By pairing these tried-and-true optics with the advanced sensor technology of the R5, you can capture images and videos of uncompromising quality.

Whether you’re a discerning professional or an enthusiastic amateur, the optical excellence of EF lenses ensures your creative vision is realized with precision.

Canon R5

Compatibility with Accessories

Beyond the lenses themselves, the compatibility of EF lenses with your existing accessories is a noteworthy advantage. If you own a collection of EF lens accessories such as filters, lens hoods, or extension tubes, rest assured that they are fully compatible with your EF lenses when used on the Canon R5. This means you can seamlessly integrate your preferred accessories into your photography workflow, further enhancing your creative possibilities and convenience.


The Canon EF-EOS R Mount Adapter serves as the bridge between EF lenses and the Canon R5. This adapter is not only lightweight and compact but also remarkably user-friendly. Its portability ensures that you can carry it effortlessly in your camera bag, allowing for seamless transitions between RF and EF lenses during a shoot. This adaptability becomes especially valuable when you need to switch between lenses quickly to capture various perspectives or adapt to rapidly changing shooting conditions.

Key Considerations

While using EF lenses on the Canon R5 offers numerous benefits, there are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • Adapter Quality: Ensure you use a high-quality adapter like the official Canon EF-EOS R Mount Adapter to maintain full functionality and image quality.
  • Size and Weight: Some EF lenses may be bulkier and heavier than RF equivalents. Consider the size and weight of your chosen EF lens, especially if you prefer a more compact and lightweight setup.
  • Performance: While autofocus performance with EF lenses on the Canon R5 is generally excellent, some specialized RF lenses may offer even faster focusing speeds.
  • Future-Proofing: While EF lenses are fully compatible with the Canon R5, Canon’s RF lens lineup continues to expand with innovative options. Consider your long-term needs and whether investing in RF lenses makes sense for your photography style.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, using EF lenses on the Canon R5 is not only possible but also offers a wide range of benefits, including cost-efficiency, versatility, and access to proven optical quality. The Canon EF-EOS R Mount Adapter ensures seamless compatibility, allowing you to take full advantage of your EF lens collection on this exceptional mirrorless camera.

Whether you’re an existing Canon EF lens owner or planning to invest in this renowned lens system, the Canon R5’s compatibility with EF lenses makes it a versatile and powerful tool for capturing stunning photographs and videos. As you explore the possibilities, you’ll discover the synergy between Canon’s classic EF lenses and the cutting-edge technology of the Canon R5.

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