Photography Advice
Portrait Vs Landscape Photo

For as long as photography exists, there will always be a debate surrounding whether portrait or landscape is better than the other. As part of that debate, ...

How to Get into Photography – Risk-Free

Photography often means different things to different people. It can be a lifetime profession, a thriving business, an absolute passion, or an enjoyable hobby ...

How to Sell Photography Prints

If you love taking photographs, and more than that, are accomplished enough a photographer to believe that you could sell some of your prints, then you should ...

How to Learn Photography

If photography is something that you wish to follow as a career, a passionate hobby, or you simply want to learn photography to capture the best images ...

What Is Photography?

If we were to look up a dictionary definition of photography, we might find something along the lines of  'the act or process of creating images using ...

What Is Contrast in Photography?

Contrast is a term which, when used in a photographic context, possibly causes more confusion than most others. You may hear definitions which refers to the ...

What Is Noise in Photography?

The word 'noise' might be something that you might think is applicable to videos and the quality of their sound, however, it is actually a term that is very ...

How to Become A Wedding Photographer

Having photography as a  career or a business puts you in the lucky position of making a living doing something, we assume, that you love.There are so ...

How to Photograph A Wedding

It is safe to say that if you are a wedding photographer by trade, then you already have plenty of experience of photographing weddings and know what to ...

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