How to Turn Off (and On) Live View on the Canon R5 in 6 Easy Steps!

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OK, so you got your new Canon R5, but you’re having some issues getting the screen to go off when you need it to. Figuring out how to turn off screen on the Canon R5 can be hard on your own. One thing to note here is that turning off the Live View screen is meant to be for when you are in ‘Camera’ shooting mode rather than in ‘Video’ shooting mode.

It’s also a good idea to make sure that you have the latest firmware version on your Canon R5 also.

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How to Turn Off Screen on Canon R5 (Video Instructions)

I’ve made a short video that will guide you through the process, or you could use the steps below also.

How to Turn Off Screen on Canon R5 (Picture and Text Instructions)

how to turn off live view canon r5

How to Turn off and on Live View on Canon R5

Total Time: 2 minutes

Set your Canon R5 to any of the camera’s ‘Photo’ Mode settings

Press the ‘MODE‘ button on the top right of camera (in the centre of the wheel). You can tell when you are in video mode, because all the icons that appear on screen appear to have basic icon of video camera with text over the top. If this is the case, press the ‘INFO’ button to switch back to a photo taking mode.

Open the Canon R5 Menu System

canon EOS R5

Press the ‘Menu’ button in the top left of the camera on the side facing you.

Navigate to the RED Shooting menu number 7

Press the small image of the camera in the top left, this will make the menu turn RED. Then tap the number 7 from the numbers in the line below.

Enter ‘Shooting info. disp.’ option

how to turn off screen on canon r5

You will see this option at the bottom of the list, please tap it, or use the joystick to navigate to it and depress the joystick to select it.

Enter ‘Screen info. settings’ option

how to turn off screen on canon r5

You will see this option at the top of the list, please tap it or use the joystick to navigate to it and depress the joystick to select.

Add a tick to the ‘Screen off’ option

how to turn off live view canon r5

If you tap on the number 6, you will see that the screen will highlight the 6th option red and say ‘screen off’ on the left. Tap it again to add the tick. Click ‘OK’ to save the setting.

Exit the MENU

Press the ‘MENU‘ button TWICE on the top left of camera to exit the menu system, back to the EVF

Test that it is working!

canon EOS R5

Cycle through the LIVE VIEW settings you had ticked on the previous screen by pressing the ‘INFO’ button on the right of the screen until your LIVE VEW Screen turns off. You can keep pressing the INFO button to turn it back on again.


  • Canon R5

To summarise the steps:

  1. Go to the bottom setting for “Shooting info. disp” under Camera Menu 7,
  2. Click the top option for “Screen info. settings”; if you are using V1.4.0, you should see a screen setting for “screen off” at number 6.

This means that you can toggle the INFO button until the screen goes off, and if you have auto EVF/Screen switching active, you can raise your eye to the EVF when shooting; then when you take it down, it switches off, and your back screen stays off until you click info to enable live view, or play or menu, or something else to engage the screen.

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