Best Hat for Photographers (Stylish and Functional)

Protecting yourself from the sun is important at any time, let alone when you’re out on a shoot. Finding the best hat for photographers means basing your purchase decision on the following features

  • Sun protection – (UPF rating?)
  • Size of hat and brim – (Will it impede your photo-taking ability?)
  • Style of the hat – (Will it impede your photo-taking ability? Will it look good?)
  • Material – Will it last? Is it ventilated?
  • Price

At this point, I should add that the type of photography you are doing will affect what is appropriate here. I am assuming that you will be doing the kinds of photography where a hat is appropriate to wear.

If you are planning on photographing a wedding, for instance, I would recommend that you find yourself a really good sunscreen instead, and not worry about finding the right hat to take photos in. If you are photographing wildlife or taking the kids out for a day at the beach, then, of course, finding the best hat for photographers is a great idea.

If you’re in a hurry, here is our recommendation for what we think is the best hat for photographers of any gender:

Sombriolet Sun Hat – >> Best Hat for Photographers <<<

Outdoor Research Sombriolet Sun Hat

Discover What Makes This Sun Hat Unique

Capture the elegance and practicality of this stylish sun hat. Made from high-quality materials, it’s designed to offer superior protection and comfort. Perfect for any outdoor activity, this sun hat is a versatile accessory for any wardrobe. Click below to explore more features and secure your sun hat today!

>> Discover More <<
  • Sun protection – UPF 50+
  • Size of hat and brim – Wide Brim (Head circumference – SMALL is 21 5/8″ – MEDIUM is 22 1/2″ – LARGE is 23 1/4″)
  • Style of the hat – Great color selection means that anyone can find a color that suits them.
  • Material – Wicking Fabric with vents for ventilation, wind-resistant with piping on the brim
  • Price – Check Price and Availability

This hat is ideal if you are wanting to keep cool and stay sun safe while out taking photos, It has a handy chin strap so it won’t get blown away in the wind. The piping on the outer of the brim means it is rigid enough that it isn’t going to droop down into the frame of your shot while you’re trying to take photos – this is critical when taking photos.

Comparison – The 5 Best Hats for Photographers

Our pick

Outdoor Research Sombriolet Sun Hat

The best sun protection hat

This water-resistant sun hat offers a wide shade with a varied foam-stiffened brim width and UPF 50+ rating. The wicking headband keeps sweat and water away from your brow and eyes, making it perfect for hot, sunny days.

$40-$45 from Amazon
Sombriolet Sun HatColumbia Unisex-Adult Bora Bora BooneyTropic Hats Summer Wide Brim Mesh Safari/Outback W/Neck Flap & Snap Up SidesGearTOP UPF 50+ Wide Brim Sun Hat for Hiking Camping Fishing Safari & PhotographySUN CUBE Fishing Hiking Hat for Men, Wide Brim Boonie UPF50+
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Best Hat for PhotographersMost Sun Protective Hat for PhotographersMost Stylish Hat for Photographers (Female)Most Stylish Hat for Photographers (Male)
Check AvailabilityCheck AvailabilityCheck AvailabilityCheck AvailabilityCheck Availability

Best Hat for Photographers (Unisex Options)

Columbia Unisex-Adult Bora Bora Booney



Sombriolet Sun Hat



Tropic Hats Summer Wide Brim Mesh Safari/Outback W/Neck Flap & Snap Up Sides

Best Hat for Photographers (Masculine)

SUN CUBE Fishing Hiking Hat for Men, Wide Brim Boonie UPF50+

Best Hat for Photographers (Feminine)

GearTOP UPF 50+ Wide Brim Sun Hat for Hiking Camping Fishing Safari & Photography

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