How much does a Vlog camera cost?

How much does a Vlog camera cost? – The Complete Guide

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So you want to start a Vlog?

Maybe you’ve been catching up on some PewDiePie, Markiplier or Mr Beast on Youtube and thought you’d like to give this video thing a go. Well you’re in the right place, the goal of this article is to give you some basic guidance on the best gear for both starting a new Vlog or even to take your current one to the next level. Making a great Vlog isn’t all about the camera, but it certainly is a great place to start. Stick around at the end for some of my favourite Vlogs about film making and how to step up your Vlogging game.

Understanding basic videography and photography skills are essential to build a successful Vlog. Having high quality, cleanly edited videos is a must to not only grab the attention of viewers, but to keep them coming back for more.

What Makes A Good Vlogging Camera?

Here’s the quick list, read on for a more in depth explanation of each.

  • Lens
  • Zoom
  • Focus
  • Stabilizer
  • Rotating Screen
  • High Frame Rate Ability
  • Microphone Jack
  • 4K Ability
  • Color Enhancer
  • Grip
  • Wi-fi
  • Storage & Memory
  • Battery Life


The lens of a camera, is one of the most important things to help give you a superb video, or photo. It can capture and accentuate you and your surroundings, making your viewer feel as though they are there with you. A camera that is already equipped with an amazing lens or an interchangeable lens option, is great at capturing different things in different scenarios. Which makes the experiences of watching your videos, more enjoyable for your viewers.


Having the opportunity to catch a great, or rare moment from far away can be so exciting. Zooming in on said moment, should not be blurry or pixelated, that’s why having the right lens and camera on hand is important.


Having a camera that has a great focus is another feature that makes your camera great. It can be annoying for you and your viewer to want to capture something during your video, and your camera doesn’t have the ability to focus on it. This makes focus a big part of high quality content, some cameras have an AutoFocus feature so you don’t have to purchase additional parts and accessories.


When vlogging, you are usually walking and moving around constantly. A camera with a stabilizer helps the viewer see a clean cut, balanced video with out any excessive shaking. Again, some cameras have this feature built in.

Rotating Screen

When filming there are a lot of things around you that you want to share with your viewers. It could the amazing view in front of you, or the great friends you have beside you. Having the option to rotate the screen and film with ease is an amazing feature to have on your camera.

High Frame Rate Ability

High Frame Rate Ability is a complex feature that is usually used in cameras produced for advanced filming and movie production. It can film many frames per second without the flicker, and since it is able to have more frames per second it helps the film progress more smoothly.

Microphone Jack

Microphone jacks are rare on vlogging cameras because they are considered a very high tech feature. Nevertheless, they are important, the quality of the sound is just as important as the quality of the video. It’s rather unpleasant to see a video and not be able to hear properly, during filming you might not realize your hand could be over the microphone or it could be windy and the sound muffles your voice.

4k Ability

Of course, the key to having a high-quality video is having a camera with built-in high-quality abilities such as 4k. Filming great content, with cutting edge premium devices, tools, and software can take you very far. The end result can be pristine, giving you a very good reputation, thus building your base.

Color Enhancer

Colors are fundamental in a video, they can set the entire mood or aesthetic to your video making it richer and more vivid. Having a camera with those features built-in can save you a lot of time while editing, it can also help your audience become more apart and inspired by the experience. Color is what grabs attention so a camera that can assist you in that area is a must-have.


The grip on a camera is important. Cameras can get high in price making them extremely valuable and delicate. Cameras that are included with gel grips can help you avoid dropping them. Other accessories such as straps and tripods can prevent this as well. Most cameras will come with straps because it also makes it easier to travel with, along with easy access of you come across an unexpected opportunity, as well as preventing loss.


Having a camera designed to connect with Wi-Fi is an easy way to connect to your smartphone, tablet, or computer to upload videos and transfer files, without having to bring various cords and wires. Instead, you simply can connect the two of your devices over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or scan the QR code within the app.

Storage and Memory

Backing up your videos and photos can be a life saver when it comes to editing. Sometimes mistakes happen and you may have accidentally deleted or separated a part of your video that you didn’t mean to. That’s why having cameras with SD card slots can be helpful in safely storing your footage.

Battery Life

While having all of these features are very good for your camera, perhaps one of the best is battery life. Having a camera with great battery life is essential to filming. You don’t want to have to stop filming every hour or so throughout your day to charge your camera, it’s annoying and time consuming. Some great cameras offer changeable spare batteries that you can bring along if you have a long day of filming ahead, as well as the option to film while you charge your camera directly into a power outlet.

Is It Worth Buying A Camera For Vlogging If It Doesn’t Have A Microphone Jack?

Having a camera with a microphone jack really does help more than you know. Often, when filming a vlog on your own, it’s easy to find yourself far more focussed on the content of the video you are making rather than many of the technical aspects that make an effective video.

Since it may be just you filming, you don’t have a team to assist you with every single aspect that goes into filming. You may film a great video that took a long time and many tries to perfect, only to realize that your sound quality is not up to par when editing. This can be a very time-consuming mistake, either you have to refilm the entire video, or a relatively large chunk, create a voiceover that will undoubtedly take a few tries, or unfortunately move on to another project and just use the content for montages. So in order to avoid those kinds of mistakes simply investing in a camera with a microphone jack is your best bet.

How Important Is A Fully Rotating Screen?

Very important. It is crucial to have a fully rotating screen, more important than 4k quality. What’s the point of having 4k High Definition features if you’re not filming what people need to see, or you aren’t actually in focus. Angles are everything and if you are filming your self or others at a unflattering angle it’s highly disappointing. It’s also hard to tell if the camera is actually on you or if you’re filming something completely different. On platforms of social media, appearance is key and it’s very important not to second guess.

Do You Need A Flexible Tripod For Vlogging?

Honestly, it’s not necessary. However, if you find you want to have more versatile angles in your vlog, as opposed to being subjected to just handheld ones. Flexible Tripods are great in achieving professional clean-cut angles as well as being durable. You can take them anywhere with you, and position them as low or as high as you would like. The best one on the market are the Joby Tripods found here:

This tripod is versatile and flexible for almost any situation. The balls that are placed at the bottom promotes grips and prevents slippage.

What Is The Best Vlogging Camera Out There At The Moment?

The best one at the moment is the Sony RX100 MK

This camera is the best of it’s kind, it has clear, enhanced 4k quality, along with the ability to produce smooth High Frame Rate footage. A rotating screen is included ensuring that you are filming everything that you want to be filmed. It has the AutoFocus feature which assists in keeping your footage on a certain object without blurring. The designed Sensor helps keep the film quality up to the same standard even in low light settings. For example, if the location in which you are filming is too dark, there is a flash feature that can give you proper lighting while filming or for photography use, and can be stored away if not needed. A color enhancer is also apart of the camera helping you capture and bring out the richest, most vibrant colors to make your videos or photos pop. It also has a built-in stabilizer keeping your content smooth and at a consistent panning while filming. Slow Motion also comes with the camera to seize every second of an epic moment. The footage that you produce can easily be transferred to your smartphone, tablet, or computer due to the Wi-Fi feature, along with its compatibility with Movie Edit, and has an SD slot to save all of your most precious moments.

Vlogging and photography are quickly becoming the best ways to connect and share your life or perspective with the world. Investing in some of the best technology and using these helpful products ensures that you have a great way to do that.

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