Does Canon R5 Have Built in Flash?

The Canon EOS R5, a high-end mirrorless camera, does not have a built-in flash. Instead, it relies on external flash units like the Canon Speedlite series.

This design choice is consistent with many professional-grade cameras which prioritize weather sealing, a more robust build, and the integration of advanced features over an integrated flash unit.

Does Canon R5 Have Built in Flash? - No, it has the hot shoe instead

Do All Canon Cameras Have Built-in Flash?

Not all Canon cameras have built-in flash units. The inclusion of a built-in flash is typically found in entry-level and mid-range models.

These models, such as the Canon Rebel series (EOS 1500D, EOS 2000D, etc.), cater to beginners and enthusiasts who may frequently need a convenient on-camera light source for casual photography.

Conversely, professional and semi-professional models, including the EOS 5D series, EOS R series, and EOS 1D series, generally do not have built-in flashes.

These cameras are designed with features and build quality that meet the demands of professional photographers, who often use external flash units for more control and power.

How Do I Use My Canon Built-in Flash?

For Canon cameras equipped with a built-in flash, here’s a basic guide on how to use it:

  1. Enable the Flash:
  • In automatic modes (like Auto, Portrait, or Night Portrait), the camera may automatically raise the flash when needed.
  • In manual modes, you can manually pop up the flash by pressing the flash button, usually marked with a lightning bolt symbol.
  1. Flash Settings:
  • Use the camera’s menu to adjust flash settings. You can set flash exposure compensation to control the intensity of the flash, reducing or increasing it based on your needs.
  • Some models allow you to adjust the flash sync mode, such as first-curtain sync (default) or second-curtain sync (useful for creating motion blur effects).
  1. Taking the Picture:
  • Ensure your subject is within the effective range of the flash (typically a few meters).
  • Press the shutter button halfway to focus, then fully to take the picture. The flash will fire if needed.
  1. Advanced Flash Functions:
  • Use the built-in flash as a commander for wireless flash setups if supported by your camera model. This can trigger external Speedlites off-camera for creative lighting setups.

What are the Limitations of the Canon R5?

Despite being a powerhouse, the Canon R5 has some limitations:

  1. No Built-in Flash:
  • As mentioned, the lack of a built-in flash means photographers need to invest in external flash units for low-light situations or fill flash needs.
  1. Overheating Issues:
  • The R5 can overheat when recording 8K video or 4K at high frame rates, limiting recording times under such conditions. Canon has provided firmware updates to mitigate this, but it remains a consideration for videographers.
  1. Battery Life:
  • The camera’s battery life, rated at approximately 320 shots per charge (using the viewfinder), may be seen as limited for intensive use. Extra batteries or a battery grip can alleviate this but add to the overall cost and weight.
  1. Storage Requirements:
  • Recording 8K video or high-resolution stills requires high-capacity and high-speed memory cards, which can be expensive. The dual card slots (CFexpress and SD) provide flexibility but also necessitate investment in quality media.
  1. Size and Weight:
  • While compact compared to some DSLRs, the R5 is relatively large and heavy for a mirrorless camera, which might be a consideration for photographers looking for a lightweight travel camera.

In summary, while the Canon R5 lacks a built-in flash and has a few other limitations, its extensive features and high performance make it a top choice for many professional photographers and videographers.

For those needing flash capabilities, investing in an external Speedlite will provide greater flexibility and power than a built-in unit could offer.

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