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Quick Overview





  • Sturdy legs
  • Foam gripped arms
  • Good gripping mechanism for your phone


  • The quick-release mount platform doesn’t feel sturdy

You can instantly improve your cellphone photos with the help of this cool-looking UBeesize Tripod S.

It comes with flexible legs that can be used to twist your camera into the perfect position and then hold it there firmly every time.

If you are fed up getting poor mobile pictures or having to struggle with awkward selfie sticks, then this could be the ideal solution for getting great photos wherever you go.

The wireless remote control also lets you plan and execute the photos that you have always wanted to take, without any effort.


UBeesize Tripod S, Premium Phone Tripod

This tripod is good fun to use, with its bendy legs that can be twisted into just about any position or even wrapped around things.

The design makes it look robust and steady, while it is also worth mentioning that it is one of the tallest cell phone tripods on the market, at 10.6 inches in height. 

This version of the UBeesize Tripod S has been upgraded from the previous model, with one of the key additions being the addition of the adapter accessory that lets you put on your phone either horizontally or vertically. This is a key feature for getting panoramic photos in the outdoors.

Who is this product for?

Who is likely to get the most use out of this tripod? Its small size and portability mean that pretty much anyone could carry it around in a bag or backpack with no fuss. It is probably ideal for someone who loves to go hiking or climbing.

Even if you are outside on your own, you can quickly get it set up to take better selfies than you have ever taken before.

It can’t compete with professional tripods such as those used by serious photographers.

However, it isn’t meant for people who need a high-level tripod. Instead, it is a fun product that can be used to squeeze a bit of extra enjoyment out of these special moments that you want to capture forever. If you don’t want to let photo opportunities slip past you then this is a good choice of accessory.

What’s included?

What accessories can you expect to get when you a tripod like this? The main piece of kit is, of course, the tripod. However, it also comes with a number of other items that make it easier for you to use it to its full capability.

First of all, you get a phone mount adapter and GoPro adapter mount so that you can use it with a variety of devices. There is also a remote shutter included, allowing you great flexibility in how you take your pictures from now on.

Overview of features

This is a fairly simple tripod that does a decent job of keeping your phone nice and steady will you take some stunning photos. Non-slip feet and metal ball joint supports keep the whole thing as steady as you need it to be.

It also comes with a handy remote feature that can be used to operate your device’s camera from a distance away. The manufacturer states that it can be used with smartphones up to 3.54″ wide, which covers a big range of devices. Some of the lighter cameras around can also be used with this tripod.

How to use it

There is nothing too complicated when it comes to the operation of this camera. You simply need to attach your device, using the appropriate adapter, and then bend the legs into position.

There is also the option of wrapping the flexible legs around a thin post, fence or some other object to get the phone into the perfect position.

The wireless remote control works using Bluetooth and lets you take pictures while you are up to 30 feet away from your phone.


  • Sturdy legs
  • Foam gripped arms
  • Good gripping mechanism for your phone


  • The quick-release mount platform doesn’t feel sturdy


This phone tripod is a very good purchase for many different types of user. Even if you switch to a different device in the future, you should be able to keep using this tripod with it.

Having said that, it probably isn’t right for everyone. A good example of someone who might not choose this product is a professional photographer. You might also want the flexibility of using your tripod with either a bigger phone or a heavier camera.

Bearing this in mind, you could look at some of the more expensive, sturdier tripods on the market. These include the JOBY GorillaPod 5K Kit Professional Tripod that can hold cameras of up to 11 pounds in weight.


The UBeesize Tripod S has been cleverly designed to make it an appealing model for many different types of user. You can look forward to any sort of outdoors trip or adventure more eagerly when you know that taking terrific pictures of it is going to be a piece of cake.


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