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Panasonic LUMIX G85MK 4K Camera Kit Review

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Quick Overview





  • Useful image stabilization features
  • Multi-angle touchscreen is easy to use
  • Ideal for low light performance


  • Autofocus feature isn’t great

This is the sort of camera that could suit professional photographers just as well as it fits the needs of those people who want to start an interesting new hobby in the best possible way.

It could also suit someone who is traveling and wants to capture the most special moments.

Packed with a useful range of features and accessories, it is a terrific package that makes it a lot easier to get the perfect pictures every single time.

Whether you are already a photography expert or thinking of using a powerful camera like this for the first ever time, you will soon be up and running with this Panasonic Lumix G85 model.


Panasonic LUMIX G85MK 4K Camera Kit

This camera is the follow-up to the Panasonic G7 and it has broadly similar features. The aim of this model is to make it simpler for anyone to take the highest quality photos with a minimum of fuss.

The mirror-less design that has been used means that it is lighter and more compact than you would expect from a camera with the features and power on display.

It includes pretty much all of the modern technology that you would expect from a really good camera, so that it is great fun to use as well as practical.

Who is this product for?

Who would get most out of a camera like this? As we saw earlier, it should be suitable for a lot of different types of people. Perhaps those who get the most use of it will be people who are amateur photographers but who take this hobby seriously.

It lacks just a couple of the extra features that would make it a really solid choice for professional photographers too, although it is certainly good enough for anyone who wants to share excellent quality images online.

Easy social media sharing is a big benefit and it could also be perfect for some who needs to take stunning shots for a travel, fashion, or lifestyle blog.

The relatively high cost means that it isn’t likely to appeal to beginners who want a starter-level camera that doesn’t cost much and is easy to get to grips with.

What’s included?

You will find inside the box everything that you need to start taking photos. The main piece is the Panasonic Lumix DMC G85MK camera itself. This comes with 12-60mm lens options and offers 16 megapixels. You also get a 64GB High Speed SD Card U3 and a deluxe camera bag.

Accessories include a battery charger, 2 spare batteries, a Ritz Gear 12” Flexi Tripod, Ritz Gear Premium 8-IN-1 Cleaning Kit, a Polaroid Optics 58mm 4 Piece Filter Set, a Polaroid Studio Series Pro Slave Flash with mounting bracket, a Ritz Gear OTG USB/Micro USB Multi-Function SD / MICRO SD Card Reader/Writer, and a Universal LCD Screen Protector.

Overall, it is a very nicely presented, comprehensive package that has everything that the majority of users could hope for.

Overview of features

The range of features included on this Panasonic camera makes it highly versatile in a range of diverse situations. For example, the fact that it is ruggedly built, weather-proof, splash-proof, and dust-proof means that you can use it just about anywhere without any fear.

It can be used to record 4K video at 30p/24p and has several 4K Ultra HD Video pause and save modes to give you the maximum flexibility possible. You can export paused 4K video scenes using the 4K photo mode. A 3.5mm port lets you hook up external microphones too, while the in-body 5-axis image stabilization gives you close to 5 f-stops of correction when you use it together with a 2-axis optically stabilized lens.

Perhaps the most useful feature is in the way that the 6-Megapixel Micro Four Thirds sensor without low-pass filter gives an extremely high level of fine detail resolution. In addition, the Post Focus mode lets you decide what to put in focus even after you have captured the scene.

How to use it

This is the kind of camera that it pays to fully understand before you use it. While you can simply point and shoot if you prefer, you can unlock the full potential of this model be closely reading the instructions and fully understanding how it works.

It is certainly well worth taking a little bit of time at the beginning to work out how you will make the most out of this camera in the long term.


  • Ideal for low light performance
  • Useful image stabilization features
  • Multi-angle touchscreen is easy to use


  • The autofocus feature is a bit disappointing


What if the Panasonic Lumix G85MK 4K Camera isn’t exactly right for you? There is a chance that this is due to the high cost.

If you are interested a simpler model with a smaller price tag and fewer features then you could look into the like of the Sony Alpha ILCE-6000L/B a6000 Digital Camera, which is a cheaper option but still packs in a good number of features.


This is a fantastic, all-around camera that can be used to get excellent quality pictures and videos in just about any setting.

It may be just a little bit short of being a truly professional piece of kit for people who take photos for a living. Yet, there is enough here to suggest that it is a sensible choice for many of the different types of users.


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