How to Check Shutter Count on R5 – BOTH Procedures

canon EOS R5

What is a shutter count?

Shutter count, also known as shutter actuation, is the measure of how many times a camera has been used to take a photograph.

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How to Check Shutter Count on R5 – Total number of Shutter Actuations

Apps to check Canon camera shutter count:

how to check shutter count on canon r5

I’ve found the best success with ShutterCount by DIREstudios on Mac. It is often updated and compatible with more recent cameras like the Canon R5 and R3. It is very straightforward to work with and is one of only two canon shutter count software that will get the job done.

Steps to Check Shutter Count on R5 (on a Mac)

For this procedure, you will need to have purchased the ShutterCount app listed above from the Mac app store.

  1. Connect your Canon R5 to the same Wi-Fi as your computer, or connect via a USB cable,
  2. Open the ShutterCount app (Available from the Mac App Store)
  3. The app should detect that you camera is connected either via cable or wi-fi and will update with your shutter count information

Another great feature of this app is that it’ll actually tell you the percentage of your lifespan of the camera. So you won’t actually have to look up the lifespan of your shutter. And it’ll also keep track over time of your shutter. The app can also develop trend lines and data like that.

How to Check Shutter Count on R5 per 100% battery charge.

Following these steps, you’ll have quick access to the R5 camera’s shutter count per 100% battery charge. Note that this number resets when you insert a freshly charged battery. The intention is that you can monitor your battery health, and ensure that you are getting a consistent and satisfactory level of shutter actuation per charge.

  1. Navigate to the Tools section of your interface’s menus. (The wrench tab)
  1. Go to page 6
  2. Tap the battery information button. This will display your shutter count – along with other battery information

How to Check Shutter Count on Canon 5d Mark IV?

To check the shutter count on Canon 5D Mark IV you would need to follow the same procedure as for the Canon R5, you would download the ShutterCount app from the Mac App Store, and connect your camera in the same way. You could also give a go too.

What about a canon R6 Shutter Count check or a Canon EOS R Shutter Count Check?

To check a Canon EOS R or a Canon R6 you would download the ShutterCount app from the Mac App Store and connect to the camera to your computer. That would give you the shutter count you are looking for.

How Many Shutter Actuations Canon R5?

The shutter on the Canon EOS R5 is rated to operate for 500000 times (that’s 500000 actuations).

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