Why Are Camera Lenses so Expensive? – The Killer 5

OK, so why are camera lenses so expensive? Fair question... The truth is that camera lenses are expensive because they need to be made to a very ...

How Much Does a Vlog Camera Cost?

Starting a Vlog? Maybe you've got a great idea that you want to get out into the world. Maybe you want to document a family holiday, or maybe you just ...

Can an eclipse damage a camera?

Can an eclipse damage a camera?Absolutely yes, but you have to know why, and how you can photograph it safely without ruining your camera. Here's how... When ...

What is a mirrorless digital camera?

OK, so you are correct in thinking that name itself gives you an idea what a mirrorless digital camera is. It’s a camera without the reflex mirror found in ...

How to Make a Digital Photography Portfolio

Are you wanting to know how to make a digital photography portfolio, but really don’t know where to start? or even just to know what types of questions to ...

What Is The Best Lens for Real Estate Photography – Canon?

If you have plans getting into or thinking of how to do real estate photography, you’ll come to understand that the lens is the most important piece of the ...

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a heap of questions that I get asked regularly here on the blog, so I figured I would put together a frequently asked questions page to help you out ...

How much does a Vlog camera cost? – The Complete Guide

So you want to start a Vlog? Maybe you've been catching up on some PewDiePie, Markiplier or Mr Beast on Youtube and thought you'd like to give this video ...

SIGMA Announces the “SIGMA fp” – Mirrorless Full Frame

And just like that, there's a new player in town. At an event where Sigma announced 3 new lenses that everyone was expecting, Sigma dropped this ...

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