What is a Mirrorless Digital Camera Anyway? (and why they kick ass!)

OK... so what is a mirrorless digital camera I hear you ask? Taking the next step in photography usually means getting a nicer camera than the one that's ...

The Best Budget Lens for Wildlife Photography

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What is a mirrorless digital camera?

OK, so you are correct in thinking that name itself gives you an idea what a mirrorless digital camera is. It’s a camera without the reflex mirror found in ...

Panasonic LUMIX G85MK 4K Camera Kit Review

This is the sort of camera that could suit professional photographers just as well as it fits the needs of those people who want to start an interesting new ...

Sony 4K camcorder Review

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Video Camera Camcorder 4K Ultra HD Review

Recent advances in technology mean that it is far easier than ever before for anyone to capture excellent-quality 4K video in just about any kind of setting ...

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